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Justin Cener is an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur and digital marketer. He is known for creating high-quality training programs and courses on topics such as Shopify, Facebook Ads, and influencer marketing. His UGC Master Class focuses specifically on teaching businesses how to effectively leverage user-generated content (UGC) to drive engagement and sales. The course covers everything from identifying and sourcing UGC to incorporating it into marketing campaigns and measuring its impact.


Justin Cener is a well-known entrepreneur, marketer, and e-commerce expert who has gained recognition for his expertise in the field of social media advertising and e-commerce. His UGC (User Generated Content) Master Class is an online course that teaches individuals how to effectively use user-generated content in their social media advertising campaigns to increase sales and drive business growth.

Justin Cener started his journey in the field of e-commerce back in 2013 when he founded his first online store, which went on to become a successful business in a relatively short period of time. He then ventured into the field of social media advertising, specifically Facebook and Instagram, where he honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the algorithms and best practices needed to effectively promote products on these platforms.

In 2016, Justin launched his first online course, the Shopify Masterclass, which focused on teaching people how to build successful e-commerce stores using the Shopify platform. The course became an instant hit, and he quickly gained a following in the e-commerce and digital marketing communities.

Following the success of his first course, Justin went on to create a series of other successful online courses, including the Facebook Ads Mastery course and the Instagram Bootcamp. These courses focused on teaching individuals how to effectively use Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive traffic and sales to their online stores.

In 2021, Justin launched his UGC Master Class, which is designed to help individuals leverage user-generated content in their social media advertising campaigns. The course is broken down into a series of modules, each of which covers a different aspect of UGC and its application in social media advertising.

The course starts with an introduction to UGC and its benefits, including increased engagement, social proof, and authenticity. Justin then goes on to discuss the different types of UGC, such as customer reviews, user photos and videos, and influencer content and provides examples of how each can be used in social media advertising.

The course also covers the best practices for sourcing and selecting UGC, as well as strategies for incorporating UGC into ad copy and creative. Justin provides examples of successful UGC campaigns, as well as case studies of businesses that have used UGC to drive significant growth in their online sales.

Throughout the course, Justin emphasizes the importance of building a strong brand and community and encourages individuals to focus on creating content that resonates with their target audience. He also emphasizes the importance of testing and iterating on campaigns to optimize performance and drive better results over time.

Overall, Justin Cener’s UGC Master Class is a comprehensive and practical guide to using user-generated content to drive business growth through social media advertising. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Justin provides valuable insights and actionable strategies that can help businesses of all sizes to succeed in the competitive world of e-commerce.

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