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Bushra Azhar is a Pakistani entrepreneur, speaker, and copywriting expert who is best known for her online course “7 Day 7K.” The course teaches students how to write persuasive copy that converts, and how to use those skills to make money by offering copywriting services to clients. The course is designed to be completed in just seven days, and it includes practical exercises and feedback to help students improve their skills quickly. Bushra Azhar has been featured in numerous publications and has a large following on social media, where she shares her expertise in copywriting and marketing.


Bushra Azhar is a highly regarded marketing expert and business coach who is known for her 7-Day 7K programs, which are designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners increase their income and grow their businesses in just one week. This program has become incredibly popular, with thousands of people around the world have already gone through the course and seen great results.

The 7-Day 7K program is designed to be both practical and actionable. It is based on Bushra’s years of experience as a marketer and her own successful journey from being a struggling freelancer to a highly successful business owner. Through the course, Bushra shares her own insights and experiences, as well as the tips and strategies that she has used to help her clients achieve success.

The program is divided into seven modules, with each module focusing on a different aspect of growing a business. These include identifying and targeting the right audience, creating a compelling offer, building a strong brand, and using social media to grow your business. Each module includes a series of video lessons, worksheets, and exercises designed to help you implement the strategies and tactics that Bushra teaches.

One of the unique aspects of the 7 Day 7K program is that it is designed to be completed in just one week. This makes it perfect for busy entrepreneurs who want to see results quickly. The program is also designed to be highly interactive, with Bushra providing support and guidance to participants through a private Facebook group.

Another key aspect of the 7 Day 7K program is that it is highly affordable. The course is priced at just $97, making it accessible to entrepreneurs and small business owners who may not have a large budget for marketing and business coaching.

Overall, the 7 Day 7K program is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for a practical and actionable way to grow their businesses quickly. With Bushra’s guidance and support, participants can gain the skills and knowledge they need to increase their income and take their businesses to the next level.

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